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Venture Philanthropy

  • Non-profits are an essential part of our world. When they're done well, they're shining examples of what passionate and sincere social entrepreneurs can accomplish - but compared to startups in the private sector, most non-profits face significant hurdles to scaling via developing new programs, finding new funding, and dealing with the administrative rigmarole needed to maintain their 501c3 status and the public's good faith and trust.

  • Matters On Tomorrow helps non-profits side-step the painful start-up process and allows visionaries to spend more time impacting the world. A lot of nonprofits have remarkable ideas, but they have no clue how or where to begin, especially on the administrative level. That's where we come in - We know what we do best (record keeping, government filings, insurance review, and a ton more) - Sound boring? - Well, it is to most people but for some reason, we're really good at it.

What We Look For

We're looking for community leaders with the drive and passion to execute their visions of the future and make them a reality.

  • Community Centered

    First, we're looking for organizations who are embedded within the communites they serve.

  • Simple Insights -
    Big Impacts

    Like any startup, we're looking at the core insight and thesis that underpins a non-profit. The simpler, the better.

  • Amazing Execution

    We're looking for teams with a proven track record of excellence and discipline, or a good amount of hustle, that's brought them to the point that they are ready.

What We Offer


    Not every nonprofit needs to become a 501c3 right out of the gate. Under Matters On Tomorrow's fiscal sponsorship you can get your non-profit status and focus on what matters.


    With partners and advisors around the world, we'll put you in touch with mentors who can help you take your nonprofit to the next level.


    With Matters On Tomorrow we walk you through the systems, processes, and frameworks for strong execution so you can focus on your passion for your mission and we'll address the pain points slowing you down.


    Through our network of capital partnerships and funders, we'll help you get your project funded along with clear and simple reporting and auditing baked right in.


    Scaling any service means having your branding, messaging and marketing on point. Through Matters On Tomorrow you'll sort out your name, logos, website, and trademarks so you can focus on your mission and let your story organically spread.


    If your nonprofit is still at the "prototype" stage, we can teach and train you how to apply Lean Design techniques to really flesh out your design DNA and create the product or services model for your organization.

How We Invest

We want to put time, capital and social trust to work.

  • App 1

    Launch Incubator

    Working from the basics, we provide non-profits with the legal, financial and operational seed assistance to get their organization going and launched in the real world.

  • App 2

    Sustainable Partnership

    Motivated by scalability, we partner with philanthropic peer organizations to provide structure by functionalizing roles, guiding growth and preparing for big impact.

  • App 2

    Sponsored Subsidiaries

    For organizations that need an umbrella to work under, we provide direct fiscal sponsorship allowing them to operate under our 501c3, with access to our legal, financial, and operations leads.

  • App 2

    Venture Capital

    For teams on the cusp of a major breakthrough and who need an injection of milestone-triggered grant capital and strategic consulting to get on an exponential growth curve.

Our Investments

Our portfolio spans the globe. We're providing high-impact solutions to healthcare, education, legal justice, financial access, and environmental protection.

People with big ideas but limited resources rarely need us for long,
we’re just glad to help you get started.